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Robert Butler

Kiaora(Hello), I am an Active Member of the "Success System".This has allowed me to get Referrals like Crazy. Before I was Introduced to the "Success System" I was Struggling to get Just 1 Referral to My Offers. Stoked to be Part of an Awesome Team. Ova
Timothy Cousino

Personal Blog
★ Internet Entrepreneur/Mentor/Coach... Helping Others To Create More Leads And Sales With Any Product, Service or Business Opportunity Using Proper Social Media Marketing And Relationship Building...

★ Before Becoming A Full Time Successful Internet Marketing Coach/Entrepreneur, I Spent Over 20 Yrs in the Construction Industry...

★ After Completing My Career Change To Being An Online Entrepreneur In 2008, I Became Even More Aware That In Most Cases, You Can’t Achieve A Wealthy Life Style of Independence Working For Someone Else.

★ I'm Infatuated with God Almighty's Laws that are written on the Tablet of Everyone's Heart... And The Never Ending Pursuit to Assist Others in Reaching Their Financial Goals and Dreams! The More I Learn and Work to Help You and Others, The More Wealth We All Can Create TOGETHER…

*** AMAZING! "Truthfulness, Honesty and Proper Education is Simply the Key to Proper Attraction Marketing"

★ I Make It My Business To Be Aware Of The Latest Developments In My Field As A Pro Internet Marketer / Social Media Expert, And Consultant.

★ Be Part of a Team of Like Minded Entrepreneurs Who Have the Same Financial Independence Goals as You.
★ As a Member of Azuryounique Team, You'll Also Be Part of our team to support members, that magnetically draw others to Our Platform.

╚► Skype:Timothy Cousino
(Skype Username:gmclovesone24) -- Send Me A Skype Contact Request, But MAKE SURE To

╚► Phone: (419) 329-1150
╚► Email:
Wolfgang Hofinger

Hey everyone! My attention is to bring a win win situation to everyone who is willing to take a journey with me!

I´m using a Internet Marketing Platform which I highly recommend to everyone who wants to become successful in online biz - super easy landing page / autoresponder creator and a lot of stuff more ... PLUS ... you can earn HUGE money with the system as well!

Further more I use high quality Leads who turn into Sales like no other program. Plus a money system on its own!

... and last but not least a classic EVERYONE should be in and make money with it - Hurry! Get in Line!

These where just 3 ways of making money online - and there are so many more! Let´s get in touch and together we will be the next SUCCESS STORY!
karen harvey

Karen harvey is a florist in the united kingdom she is married with 3 grown up sons she runs her own florists in ramsgate kent
Virginia Eatman

This site is "calling-my name" because as a firm believer in helping others anyway that I can. I see Azuryounique as a "win-win" opportunity for all of us. We get to share the businesses which help us while working toward the goals set forth in the "Million $ Challenge". Does your contact manager pay you? Do your landing pages convert for you... mine does.. I'm here to help you get started with it... You've heard that "the money is in your list" but how do you get those names.. Here's a good answer...

Do all of these programs confuse you? Do you need some one to help you? I'm here, after years of providing Customer Service, I have the knowledge and patience.. I'll help. Reach out to me on Facebook... I'll help..
Alim Thompson

Retired bricks & mortar CEO. Network Marketer 5 years. Cracking the code: Diversify, Systematize, Simplify. Developing "Spiritual Entrepreneurs Network." Promoting opportunities aligned with mega-trends: CTFO - CBD oils, Isagenix - best nutrition on the planet and Crypto World Evolution - diversified passive crypto trading.
David Baker

Well I'm fairly new to this type of work. I spent 30 years in the transportation industry. It became unethical and agains my morals.So I walked. I've been trying this for 18 months.Almost quit because of a costly to me,scam artist. But I found Home Here And You Can Also. The people are awesome and we all have a great time.
Leoni Brits

What would we be without our emotions?

The joy, the sadness, the passion and the frustration that comes with it, the depths of love and disappointment, the peace the restlessness..

Each of these makes us human.
So human.

I am friendly, independent, honest, caring, compassionate, determined, trustworthy, easy going person.
I am practical with an appreciation of beauty.



I believe in:
Success through hard work & dedication
Vision & Action
"If you are a person with big dreams and would love to support others in achieving their big dreams, then the network marketing business is definitely a business for you. You can start your business part-time at first and then as your business grows, you can help other people start their part-time business.
This is value worth having - a business and people who help other make their dreams come true."
- Robert Kiyosaki

If you would like to find out more about who I am and what I do Join me on my favorite messenger service.
Todd McCart

Happy full time online marketer. Real happy since I do this full time now and no more time clock or alarm clock. To think it only took me two full years of working after work every night learning what traffic works! Boom success.. Years to find an Awesome Company to work with and I welcome you to be part of it too.
You are welcome to use the auto mated system I use to sponsor on auto pilot 24/7 days a week no matter where I am. The success System is working for me and my team who use the Success System. I got my start 2.5 years ago marketing Traffic to the world and went to Diamond in that company. WHY? Everyone needs traffic to have success.its really that simple.

Combine traffic with a sponsoring system and a great company. You have a gold mine in your hands. Please feel free to look at the traffic we use to be top earners in any company

I am always just an email away or go to my facebook and say hello!
Ronny Young

Hello my name Ronny (with a Y). As I get closer to retirement age I wanted to get a presence online! I am an affiliate for CTFO CBD oil products! I have seen what it can do for others and myself! I want to share it with as many friends(or soon to be friends) as possible!

Azuryounique is the best idea I have ever been apart!
Don't wait one more second before you join the best team on the internet!

Ok guys so here is my story. 2011 my daughters all told me about this new thing that I should sign up for called Facebook. So reluctantly I jumped on the bandwagon and started making them money just like we all are doing right.

My daughter Tina Nelson called one day saying “Dad you need to get into this thing I am doing.” That is where our partnership began and more importantly the start of our journey! Together we charged forward just like much of you have done and joined this “best thing” and that “best thing” and can say with certainty that we learned some hard life lessons. I am also certain that most of you can relate!

One very important lesson we learned is we are not alone on this journey and learned quickly that it is not internet marketing and selling something but relationship building that will bring you the success you are looking for.

So back to my story. 2012 a group of friends Tina and I met along the way all decided to start a Facebook group we called The Networkers Trust. TNT had goals of uniting our friends in the group and all would join businesses that the Admin felt would be a good fit. This was a great concept and as it turned out had too many flaws. Flaws and all, the group continued go grow and at one point reached 9,000 member which we felt good about but still lacked a mission and direction.

In 2013 a silent member of the group Mike Dodd, was watching the group’s progress and decided to get in contact with the Admin. Within days, Mike was added to the Admin and totally turned our thought process in the right direction.

By the end of 2013 we formed a full fledged training business including a business plan and all the legalese required to form an S Corporation. Due to events beyond our control, the group disbanded and we all went our own way.

Ok for those who are still with me. LOL With that lesson behind us,Mike Dodd, Tina Nelson and I devised a master plan and formed a new Corporation that has transformed into the direction we are heading today: To get social media back to what it was intended to be. Friends meeting with friends, finding out what there YOU is. Sincerely care about what they are interested in and not SELLING them what you want them to be interested in.

But wait there’s more! If you have taken the time to read up on Files in Azurprize Social Rewards group in Facebook, then you know that we want everyone to succeed and prosper. You know Azurprize will help YOU.

2018 will be the launch of so stay tuned and hold on to your seat because 2018 is going to be a Fantastic Success for all who follow us!

Thank each and every one of you for joining us and can’t wait to see everyone’s dreams come to fruition!
gary harvey

My Name Is Gary Harvey Im From The United Kingdom Im A Team Leader At Azuryounique
edward campos

Personal Blog
Hi there I'm Edward a Campos,

I’m a Online Entrepreneur and one of the Four Percent Group Members. Yes I live in the beautiful island Aruba Call the pearl of the Caribbean. my island :-)

I have 2 wonderful children and a beautiful wife. Yes we are staying at my Mother house so I can take care for her. I'm unemployed from 2009 and from that day my new job is taking care of my family ( I'm the Houseman :-) ) and a online marketer.

My daily task are taking care of the children and helping Mom in her daily affairs and my Wife works :-(. So It take me to help and I did it this way, helping Others and helping myself and it's a Daily Challenge and I like it, So here's a challenge for you I Challenge you to be great and extraordinary for you and Family

My goal is to help one person a day to be extraordinary are you that person. Say Yes so you can live the life you always dream of It's your Challenge

Yours sincerely:

Edward A Campos

Online Entrepreneur
Joseph Strydom

I am Joseph Strydom and my wife, Patricia and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I believe that a introduction video is much better then the written word and therefore I made a video to introduce myself to you. You can watch it here -

No Business will succeed without Traffic and a Marketing System and you are welcome to use mine for free -
This is an Automated System and I use it to sponsor on auto pilot- 24/7.

Everyone needs traffic to have success.its really that simple and in this video I reveal my Secret Traffic Resources that will help you to succeed online massively -

If you need help or advise for your Online Business, please Message me on Facebook. It is the fastest way to get hold of me -

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